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Handmade in Germany

Our bits sizes are measured from the middle of a hole to the other middle of the hole. We recommend to double check the correct size with us.

                                                   Sizes                                         Thickness

                                             115 / 125 mm                                      14/10

                               135 / 145 / 155 / 165 / 175 mm                          16/10


* Bits in 115 and 125 mm width can be ordered optional in pony / light version with an appropriate size of cheeks.

Colours Codes

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Our mouthpieces are made of the high quality material Titan. The surface is extremely smooth and stimulates the saliva production of the horse. It is an extremely lightweight material but yet resistant against any kind of corrosion. It is 100% biocompatible and it does not cause any oversensitivity. Our mouthpieces are free combinable with the handmade stainless steel side parts  so that it caters the needs of Horse and Rider. The individual color design makes every bit with a Ti-Lingua mouthpiece an eye catcher at the horse’s head. Anyone, who wants to have a real unique item, picks the color code “Graffi-Ti” which guarantees to own an exclusive individual item.

Our Mouthpieces Ti-Lingua

The Ti Lingua mouthpiece gives the horse's tongue maximum relief because of the included port. It is curved to be softer on the bars and slow in applying any tongue pressure. A perfect mouthpiece for horses that don't tolerate pressure on the tongue and for those who tend to stick their tongue above the bit.

Ti-Lingua Direct

The new Ti-Lingua Direct offers comfort for the horse and supports the acceptance of rider’s hand. The even/direct pathway of the bar makes the impact of bits combined with this mouthpiece direct and more intensive. Nonetheless, it has a smooth stress distribution on tongue and lower jaws. It is ideal for horses, who accept barely pressure on their tongue and reacting on that with head shaking or something else. The possible reaction by the horse to put the tongue over the mouthpiece will be eliminated by the design.

Ti-single jointed

Our single-jointed mouthpiece is made out of two shanks as well as an joint in the middle of the bits. The two anatomical shaped Shanks share out the pressure over the border of the tongue to the lower jaws of the horse mouth. The joint rest in the middle of the tongue and will not cause trouble on the jaws. Commands can be made sensitive and controlled on the single Shanks. The other, “not used” shank remains relaxed in the horse mouth. The single-jointed mouthpiece is designed for horses who ignore commands of the rider with other shaped mouthpieces or not react to commands the rider is expecting.

Ti-double jointed

Our double-jointed mouthpiece is made out of two shanks as well as an olive as the middle piece. The anatomical shaped shanks provide an even pressure distribution on tongue and lower jaws. Through this, the horse will come up sensitive to rider’s hand. This mouthpiece will prevent a jam of the tongue. Commands work direct and effective and ensure due to the clear support for a perfect communication between horse and rider. The double-jointed mouthpiece fits perfect for sensitive horses, no matter what kind of qualification the horse has as well for non-professional riders who may have shaky hands.

From bit ring to curb, all metal parts are formed by hand, welded and polished to perfection in our bit



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Sprehe Stud

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