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Handmade in Germany


Update 20.09.2019


ti stays in Northern Germany!



Today we hand over ti to the well experienced manufacturers Timm and Florian Peters.

(riding stable-Peters, Peters / Steel- und Metal GmbH, Bargenstedt). Tim and Florian as well as their team are qualified and flexible and place importance on individuality of non standard bits.

Thanks to all who gave ti the opportunity to grow and to establish in the bit business. All the best to Tim and Florian to continue the success story of ti-bits.

Due to long time experience in sales for different kind of branded bits’ manufacturer as well as our riding background, the idea aroused, to develop a mouthpiece, which combines the advantages many others. It’s shape, it’s weight and its quality structure should be as gentle as possible for the sensitive horse mouth

That's the way the Ti-Lingua was made out of a simple piece of Titan.

With the round shape, the space-giving arc over the tongue, the light weight as well as the anti-allergic properties of the material Titan the the Lingua fulfil already many wishes of riders.


In the following weeks and months was worked on 3D Samples and the tooling to guarantee the same shape and quality for each single mouthpiece.

Due to many same requirements on our bits like the horse friendly shape, the light weight as well as the anti-allergic material, we found a strong partner on our side who delivers the handmade side parts for our mouthpiece.

Finally the first test samples were ready to be sent out to professional and hobby riders.